REVIVE 073 WITH RETROID AND Mechanical Pressure 


01.Seth Vogt - Wasting Away (Original Mix) [M-Toxin]

02.Chable & Bonnici - Ride (Have A Break Mix) [Alternative Route]

03.Colombo - Kanun (Original Mix) [iBreaks]

04.Andels (CZ) - Man and Machines (Original Mix) [Kiosek]

05.Raggapop Inc, Elevate - Interconnected (Original Mix) [Incepto Music]

06.Ellissentials - Did I Break This (Colombo Remix) [VIM]

07.Quadrat Beat - Run (Original Mix) [Expand]

08.Vadim Shantor & Kid Panel - Beautiful Music (Original Mix) [The Pooty Club]

09.Kid Panel & Coarse - Libra (Original Mix) [CDR]

10.Isolate - Artilect (Too Dusty Remix) [Sub Element]

11.THEC4 - Dreaming Into The Moon (MDK Remix) [VIM]

12.Dirt Revolver - Hyper Soul (Chris Voro Remix) [Toast & Jam]

PART 2 - Mechanical Pressure

01.Abdomen Burst - Sakkura (Mechanical Pressure Remix) [Rune]

02.Haxxy - There Is No Distance (Mechanical Pressure Remix) [Morphosis]

03.Mechanical Pressure, Surie - Spectroscopy (Original Mix) [Clubsive]

04.Slugware - Cowabunga (Mechanical Pressure Remix) [VIM]

05.Mechanical Pressure - Skylon (Original Mix) [Rune]

06.Mechanical Pressure - Bakufu (Original Mix) [Scarcity]

07.Mechanical Pressure - LV426 (Original Mix) [Rune]

08.Mechanical Pressure - ID (Original Mix) [CDR]

09.Mechanical Pressure - Suspense (Original Mix) [CDR]

10.Mechanical Pressure - ID (Original Mix) [CDR]

11.Mechanical Pressure - Sindhu (Original Mix) [Rottun]

12.Mechanical Pressure - Accidentia (Original Mix) [Hopskotch]

13.Mechanical Pressure - Oort Cloud (Original Mix) [CDR]

14.Mechanical Pressure - Antares (Original Mix) [CDR]

15.Mechanical Pressure - Ascetic (Original Mix) [CDR]

16.Mechanical Pressure - Laviver (Original Mix) [CDR]

17.Mechanical Pressure - Skirr (Original Mix) [CDR]

18.Mechanical Pressure - Weald (Original Mix) [CDR]

19.Mechanical Pressure - Teach Me To Fly (Original Mix) [Rune]