Part 1 - Retroid

01.Richard Durand - Wide Awake (LoQuai's Smash Mix)[CDR]
02.Loaded Fist - Space Clouds (Line Of Sight Remix)[Ego Shot]
03.Unconscious Mind(s) - SuperFlow (Original Mix)[Psyhoactive]
04.Quadrat Beat - Resurrection (Original Mix)[Expand]
05.Colombo - Trippin Up (Original Mix)[iBreaks]
06.Too Dusty - Welcome To The Future (Bad Tango Remix)[Hard & Hits]
07.Split & Jaxta - Pandora (Peak Remix)[Broken Robot]
08.Hedflux & Bad Tango - Slippery Triplet (Original Mix)[Broken Robot]
09.Hedflux - Mindcell (Original Mix)[Broken Robot]
10.Adrian Heathcote - The Assassin (Original Mix)[VIM]

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Part 2 - Seth Vogt

01.K5 feat Steve Owner "You Don't Know" (Seth Vogt Remix)
02.Kid Panel "Block on Lock"
03.DJ Fixx "Throwback"
04.Under This feat Goldillox "Shine Down" (Seth Vogt Remix)
05.Bass Wrecka "High Volume" (Seth Vogt Remix)
06.Shockillaz "Groove Me!" (Seth Vogt Remix)
07.All Good Funk Alliance "Time To Get Loose" (Keith Mackenzie & DJ Fixx Remix)
08.Agent K "I See The Future"
09.C J Bolland "Sugar is Sweeter" (Lo IQ? Remix)
10.Seth Vogt "Hide"
11.Shockillaz "Keep On Rockin'" (Quadrat Beat Remix)
12.Under This feat. Goldillox "Blow Your Mind"
13.Burufunk "The Feeling" (Seth Vogt Remix)
14.Sporty-O feat. Christina Nicola "Keep On Movin'" (DJ Fixx & ILL DJ Chris B Remix)

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